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Applied Aspects of Information Technology

Academic Areas and Topics
Journal “Applied Aspects of Information Technology” (AAIT)

 1. Information Technology and Systems


1.1. Models and Methods of Information Technology

1.2. Designing Information Technologies and Systems

1.3. Databases and Data Warehouses

1.4. Mathematical Issues of Information Technology

1.5. Innovative Technologies in Education, Culture and art.

1.6. Gaming Technology, Augmented and Virtual Reality Systems

1.7. Software of Applied Information Systems

1.8. Computer Networks and Systems, Including Critical Applications


2. Digital Management of Technical and Social Systems


2.1. Systems of Adaptive and Optimal Control, Identification of Objects and Systems Parameters

2.2. Simulation of Physical Objects and Processes

2.3. Interconnected Systems and Systems with Distributed Parameters

2.4. Diagnosis and State Estimation of Complex Systems

2.5. Renewable Energy Systems

2.6. Information Measuring and Control Systems

2.7. Management of Production and Power Plants, Robots and Manipulators


3. Methods and Means of Intelligent Information Processing


3.1. Recognition, Decision Making, Forecasting

3.2. Theory and Application of Neural Networks

3.3. Analytical Technologies and Methods of Machine Learning: Deep Learning, Big Data,

3.4. Natural Language Processing, Physics of Thinking

3.5. Parallel and Distributed Information Processing, Internet of Things

3.6. Information Protection and Cybersecurity


4. Management of Portfolios, Programs and Projects


4.1. Project, Program and Portfolio Management Methodology

4.2. Elements of Project and Program Management

4.3. Project-Oriented Organizations and Offices for Project and Program Management

4.4. Tools for the Design and Implementation of Management Information Systems


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